Caoibhe Lynn – Antenatal Referral


  • Creating a template to be used when patients present pregnant.
    •To improve the standard of antenatal referrals sent by Eastside Surgery; ensuring a more even quality of care for all patients: & by providing adequate referral content, to meet the hospital’s information needs & assist with organisation of care in the secondary setting.
    •I aimed to create a template straightforward to use. Each question involved a tick or drop down box option; with free text boxes available where appropriate. Completing this template automatically codes the patient as pregnant also.
    •In reviewing last year’s referrals (pre-template), I found areas such as BP monitoring, flu/pertussis vaccinations discussion & high dose folic acid indications often missed. I included a section for prompt/reminder purposes providing a list of indications for the 5mg folic acid dose.

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Upload Date:22nd October 2019
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