Incorporation of the Warfarin Referral into the Electronic Discharge LeQer

Aim:Warfarin, a vitamin K antagonist, is an
oral anticoagulant that requires close
monitoring and an individual dosing
regimen for each patient.
In the SHSCT, warfarin is prescribed on
a separate ‘warfarin prescription and
referral form’. This sits along side the
patient’s main medicine kardex. At
the point of discharge this form acts
as a referral form, to ensure
continued safe INR monitoring after
the patient is discharged from
hospital. Anticoagulant clinics are
held in GP practices or hospital based
anticoagulant clinics. The warfarin
form is sent to the patient’s GP, along
with a copy of the discharge letter
and a copy is also sent to the patient’s
anticoagulant clinic.

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Upload Date:11th March 2019
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